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Pnuma Music Academy

Pnuma Music Academy is a derivative of Pnuma Music Group. In 2023, Hayley Reed saw a need for expansion. Due to the closing of conservatories and music schools in Metro Atlanta, Reed went on to establish Pnuma Music Academy. 


Pnuma Music Academy is a faith-based fine arts conservatory that produces exceptional students. We believe in the power of music education. We are dedicated to the development of each student. 


To create a Christian Environment where students can learn, have fun, and be safe. With Wisdom, Integrity, and Faith as our top core values, we will give our students the tools to be successful in their principle instrument and in their everyday lives. Pnuma Music Academy is open to students from age 3 and up. 

Pnuma Music Academy is currently located in Marietta, GA and plans to expand. Click to donate to Pnuma Music Academy. 

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